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With a multitude of testing capabilities, Paragon Technical Services, Inc. offers enhanced and specialized testing services for asphalt paving, roofing, adhesives, waterproofing and coatings applications. From product specification to certification, PTSi provides cost-effective technical services to ensure quality bituminous products.


Environmental Testing and Physical Testing

With testing capabilities at elevated temperature, decreased temperature, and special environmental conditions, the Environmental Testing Laboratory allows for evaluation of thermal, oxidative, and ultra-violet conditioning of asphalts and related materials. Additionally, the Physical Testing Laboratory evaluates load-strain properties to determine the performance and durability of materials.

Crude/Asphalt Analysis

The Crude/Asphalt Analysis Laboratory evaluates various crude sources to determine the quantity and quality of all constituents. The asphaltic fraction of these crudes is a determinant in product development. Beyond crude and asphalt analysis, PTSi also evaluates asphalt additives, such as chemicals and polymers.


Instrumental analysis plays a vital part in the evaluation and development of quality products. PTSi’s Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for testing organic compounds, such as crude oil constituents, polymers, polymeric materials and asphalts.

Petroleum Crude Oil Analysis

These tests are conducted using ASTM D2892 Method for Distillation of Crude Petroleum (15-Theoretical Plate Column). This analysis yields a material balance of the crude in both weight and volume percent of all hydrocarbon constituents. To further evaluate the asphalt flux from the crude, PTSi processes the flux through an Equilibrium Flash Vaporization (EFV) unit. The asphalt flux is processed through the EFV unit to yield any predetermined SUPERPAVE grade of asphalt.


Testing Details / ASTM Methods

Please contact PTSi for more information, including applicable testing fees and schedules.

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